Aisling: Breath of the New Creature by A.E. Jurgens


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Bound by both her duty to her clann and all the Isles of Rinn Dúin, Aisling is handfast to one of the twelve fae sovereigns: she, a fragile symbol of peace between mortals and fair folk.

Aisling is spun into the Fae King's world of bygone beasts and primal magic where mankind's perspective on centuries old racial feuds is challenged each day Aisling tastes the alluring, savage world views of her betrothed — the nightmare muse of grisly fireside tales and blood-soaked legends. Wicked philosophies that awaken a creature in Aisling she realizes is not so different from the enemy king she's now eternally tethered to.

It's in this quest for truth and self-discovery that one is propelled into a whimsical yet darkly cast fantasy where only the powerful and hungry survive.

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