Brownstone’s Mythical Collection, Book 5: Luna and the Treasure of Tlaloc by Joe Todd-Stanton


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Join the last Brownstone family member as they uncover great secrets in the Aztec world.

Venturing into Aztec mythology, this is the fifth title in the Brownstone's Mythical Collection.

Get ready to meet Luna Brownstone: the most devious Brownstone of all. When a tragedy strikes her family, she decides that she will only ever look out for herself. She runs away, and begins her search for riches to steal. While traveling, she stumbles across a village ravaged by drought and hears rumors of a palace filled with great gold treasures.

When a young girl, Atzi, volunteers to journey to the palace of the rain god Tlaloc with an offering to save her village, Luna develops a cunning plan: befriend Atzi, steal her map, and find the god herself. Yet, when Luna is forced to work with Atzi to find the palace, and when Atzi finds herself in danger, Luna needs to decide what matters most.

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