Darkness Falling by David R. Smith


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Thirteen-year-old Ethan Chambers stands in shock as he peers over the edge of the bridge at the car below. The crushed, eerily silent car. Smoke drifts, and a torrent of rain begins to fall. How did this happen? It was only a simple initiation into a gang in Harmony Middle School, The Society. A mischievous prank. A little harmless fun. No one was supposed to get hurt. Now Ethan must decide: live with the consequences of his actions and their devastating effect on the community, or confess what he’s done, knowing that he may have to betray his friends’ trust. As the son of the town’s sheriff, no decision for Ethan will be easy. When The Society meets secretly in the basement of a crumbling old house reputed to be haunted, a rediscovered secret may point the way to Ethan’s salvation. But will he listen to a voice from the past and his own conscience before it’s too late?

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