Domestic Justice by JA Goodman


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Homicide Detective Emma Mason and her partner, Mitch Delaney, investigate the murder of a police officer's mistress. Tag along as they are thrust into the brutal world of domestic abuse. Watch the violence spill over and put Emma’s career, as well as her life, in jeopardy. Explore the world of police procedures, as the detectives interact with the crime unit, the medical examiner's office, ballistics unit and the patrol officers who risk their lives every day, to serve and protect. Read about real techniques, as well as conceptual ones, that were developed because they could enhance the repertoire of law enforcement should they be available in the future. Enjoy Mitch’s obsession with trivia, fun facts and junk food. Woven into the story is the tale of an extremely wealthy suitor named Peter, who appears to have fallen head over heels for Emma. Travel with Emma as their two very different worlds continue to collide. Her emotional struggle to understand herself and the unbridled passion she experience's when she is with him. This story is rich with investigative science and clips along the streets of Rochester at an invigorating pace. You will encounter insights into the history and events that continue to make the city famous. Readers looking for a smart, entertaining mystery, will not be disappointed.

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