From Grief to Healing: A Holistic Guide to Rebuilding Mind, Body & Spirit After Loss by Amanda MacKenzie


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Simple, Encouraging Practices to Help You Navigate the Spirals of Grief

To be human is to experience grief, and the road to recovery has many twists and turns. This collection of hands-on activities offers support as you remain present to your grief and move toward a state of well-being. Explore the emotions, thoughts, symptoms, and spiritual energy of loss as you learn how to identify the pathways for healing. To enhance your understanding, each chapter incorporates a common set of practices:

• Chakras
• Affirmations ?
• Journaling
• Meditations ?
• Movement ?
• Essential Oils ?
• Rituals

Wherever you are with your bereavement, this guide is designed to help you navigate your ups and downs throughout the recovery process.

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