Grow Your Gratitude by Janine Wilburn


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Find and embrace the positivity, kindness, and true joys in life every day with this unique gratitude journal.

Most people believe gratitude is simply a feeling or emotion you get when someone does something for you, but it is more than that. Gratitude is a state of being. It is a personal place to reach for when you need comfort, direction, and perspective. Research shows that through daily gratitude practices, we can build strength and resiliency to manage day-to-day challenge and even the most difficult experiences.

Created from scientific research in neuroplasticity and how people build resilience, this guided journal includes thought-provoking questions and prompts for you to fill in every day, with fun interactive activities for the good days and written gratitude statements to read for the harder days. As you journal, you’ll discover the tools you need to build daily gratitude practices into your routine. There are also inspirational quotes sprinkled throughout to guide your journey through the book,

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