Hearts and Sticks by Paul and Jo Anne Burkhardt


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Hearts and Sticks is a collection of true Christian short stories. Many of them show life's journey is mixed with heights of joy and depths of suffering. For the authors, hearts depict living for God, but sticks often get in the way. Sometimes sticks get in the heart and how the heart reacts when the sticks get in are a summary of what their stories are all about. Paul and Jo Anne have been married since1994, and live in Penn Yan, New York, nestled in the Finger Lakes. Jo Anne is a graduate of Elim Bible Institute, a former Christian school teacher, and Sunday School teacher/coordinator. She is now a homemaker. Paul is a graduate of Buffalo State University College. A former news reporter, Paul now works with the developmentally disabled. Paul and Jo Anne enjoy writing, travel and cats. "Paul and Jo Anne, your personalities come through very clearly in your writings… You're doing what many lack the courage to do–to reduce the essence of their lives and souls to the written page." –Bob Sorge, author, Secrets of the Secret Place. "Very easy read and very powerful. Stunning stuff. Funny and profound…I love the book. The pages have already challenged my life." — Mick "Amaskagahi" Wilcox, a registered Cherokee descendent, and pastor of Tree of Life Church in Lancaster, NY. "These short stories are thought provoking and encouraging. You will be inspired by their simplicity and humility." — Alan and Mary Schrader, pastors of New Hope Fellowship, Bloomfield, NY. "Your lives, the unfolding of the ongoing transcript of your love, imparts a living hope to all that will choose LIFE here and now." — Debra Cossu, intercessor and author, at IHOP, Kansas City.

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