Mountains Can Move


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In 1958 young Albert Martel was on his way. For four years he had been soaking in the avant-garde culture of radical politics, French philosophers, and abstract art. He was running with the chosen ones of the New York City art world. Soon he will fulfill his dream of studying painting full time. Everything he had planned for was in place. Until circumstances changed. Now, after sixty years of living in Upstate New York, he is a retired plumber with a barn full of paintings no one else has seen. Images continue to haunt his mind. Images he has to get onto canvass, but time is running out. He needs to make changes. His art has long been a wedge between himself and his son. Now he needs his help. He has his plans in place. That is until his granddaughter, Sophie enters his life. This is the story of a family torn by a dark secret shared between father and son. A secret that has to be brought into the light if they are to travel on together. With Sophie as their unlikely guide, they start down a path that changes

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