My First 500 English/Spanish Words / MIS Primeras 500 Palabras Inglés-Español Bilingual Book: Scholastic Early Learners (My First


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Scholastic Early Learners: Interactive books for hands-on learning. Perfect for babies, toddlers, preschoolers, kindergartners, and first graders, too!

Help your child discover their first 500 words, in English and in Spanish! With fun, colorful images and clear word labels, children will be introduced to the essential first English and Spanish words for multilingual competency. Each page covers a different topic, including the farm, wild animals, and more!* An action-packed first word book with 500 words to explore.* An ideal book for young children to explore and for parents and toddlers to enjoy together* Helps children to link words and pictures and to build their vocabulary* Builds multilingual competency and fluency¡Ayuda a tu hijo a descubrir sus primeras 500 palabras en inglés y en español! Con la ayuda de imágenes divertidas y coloridas y letreros aclaratorios, los niños pueden aprender las palabras esenciales en inglés y en español para adquirir competencia bilingüe. Cada página trata un ámbito dife

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