New York Sights Unscene by Brad Libenson


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New York – Sights Unscene is a wonderful collection of photography taken throughout the diverse and beautiful landscape of New York State. This book encompasses all the regional areas, major cities, rural towns, villages and scenic views.
The photographer, Brad Libenson has captured the unexpected and defining images of the "Empire State" and presented them to the viewer in an engaging and addictive tome.
"Regardless of which state you choose to explore, one eventually discovers (and comes to admire) the certain qualities of that particular geographic cut-out that defines its particular sense of place. Though each state reveals its special qualities and unique characteristics, certain states stand out by the sheer range of diversity and contrast in their people and environments. New York excels as one of the few special states that embodies such an impressive gamut of cultural and geographic heterogeneity. This of course makes it much easier to capture its essence on camera. From the vineyards slipping down

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