Pause, Breathe, Be: A Kid's 30-Day Guide to Peace and Presence by Megan Borgert-Spaniol,


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Living a mindful life can be easy–just take it one day at a time. Building on the popular 30-day movement trends, Pause, Breathe, Be: A Kid’s 30-Day Guide to Peace and Presence encourages kids to engage in mindfulness through interactive, fun, and easy methods. Daily mantras, exercises, quizzes, and activities help kids achieve a deeper understanding and connection to the world around them while building self-esteem and reducing anxiety. This middle-grade book is organized into three main 10-day sections, exploring oneself, one’s environment, and one’s relationships. Additional content sprinkled throughout these sections sparks further exploration and discovery, helping young readers incorporate calm, joy, and peace in their lives each day.

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