Learning to Read, Level 2: Half and Half: People of the Caves by Alain Surget


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HALF and HALF books (1/2 Fiction-1/2 Non-Fiction) present a great fiction story, followed by non-fiction content that relates to the story. A perfect bridge for readers to cross from story to facts! STORY: The Almost Wolf – Roe's father is a great chief and he wants Roe to be a great hunter. However, Roe is more interested in understanding animals than learning how to hunt them. On an important hunt, Roe fails to spear a bison and embarrasses his father. Now, Roe has been told that he cannot eat with the tribe until he can make himself useful. Could taming a wolf be useful? FACTS: The Cro-Magnon People-Readers will learn how our ancestors, the Cro-Magnon people, lived and survived. Over 20,000 years ago, these ancient people lived a hard life that was focused primarily on hunting for food. The most advanced invention they had was a fish hook! Yet, despite their harsh life, the Cro-Magnons also created the first works of art: sculptures and cave paintings, many of which have survived.

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