Puzzle: World of Dracula 1000 Piece


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Best-selling: The latest jigsaw puzzle from Adam Simpson, illustrator of The World of Shakespeare (LKP 2019).
Stunning detail: The puzzle packs an incredible amount of detail in so that every piece has visual interest. Adam’s strong line makes for a jigsaw experience that is both challenging and richly rewarding.
Perennial appeal: Dracula is a character that has transcended its novel to become part of the cultural consciousness. If you know the book, you will love the details included. If you’ve never read it, you’ll still be familiar with the story and find lots to discover.
Includes explanatory poster: World-renowned Dracula expert Professor Roger Luckhurst guides you through the story, pointing out key scenes and details in the illustration along the way.
Series: Expands on the success of the World of… series, allowing us to extend it in new directions.

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