Ready or Not…Here We Come by Elizabeth Lyons


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You've expanded (to the point where you've traded high-fashion maternity wear for your husband's XXL T-shirts), answered WAY too many questions about your babies' conception, and felt your belly bounce like jelly as your dynamic duo engaged in a boxing match. And the adventure has only begun! In her first humor-packed guide to raising twins, Elizabeth Lyons and her "multiples" sorority offer the wisdom of their combined experience in the form of practical shortcuts, real-world strategies, and sage advice. Topics include: – Preparing the Lair: Mandatory Gear for Babies AND Mom – Twinproofing Your Marriage – Breastfeeding Strategies (and Why It's Okay if You Don't) – Unsolicited Advice: Stories from the Trenches – Getting Twins on a Schedule–Preferably the Same One Lyons balances the day-to-day challenges of raising twins–from double feedings to sleep deprivation to getting out while pretending everything's under control–with a sanity-saving dose of camaraderie. By the end, you'll be smiling and shouting, "T

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