Secrets of Storytelling: A Creative Writing Workbook for Kids by Natalie Rompella


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Master the magic of storytelling―100 creative, short fiction prompts for writers age 8 to 12

Whether you’re just getting started or you’ve already written a ton of stories, practice makes perfect when it comes to writing for kids. Build your skills the fun way with Secrets of Storytelling; it’s packed with dozens of short, creative fiction prompts and plenty of space so you can write to your heart’s content.

Don’t be afraid to think outside the box, make mistakes, and get weird with words! Prompts and fun activities about writing for kids inspire you to get creative and help you build intriguing plots, strong characters, and vivid settings for your stories. It’s time to unleash your inner author!

All books about writing for kids should include:

– Fun activities―Explore engaging exercises that get your creativity flowing, including brainstorming, filling in the blanks, and beyond.
– Tips on writing for kids―Learn simple strategies for crafting strong storylines, and get pointers for overcoming writer’s blo

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