Seek & Find Mysteries with Freddy and Ellie by Eleonora Barsotti


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Now you can read along as world famous detectives, Freddy and Ellie® travel the world and follow clues that will help solve some mysteries! In The Case of the Missing Mona Lisa, expert detectives Freddy and Ellie board an airplane to Paris. When they arrive in Paris, Ellie spots a front-page story in the newspaper, the famous Mona Lisa painting has been stolen from the Louvre Museum! Detectives Freddy and Ellie take a taxi to the museum to meet Inspector Haricot and find themselves in the middle of a mystery.
Who could have done such a sneaky thing? The race to catch the thief takes Freddy and Ellie to the top of the famous Eifel Tower of Paris and along the streets bordering the river Seine. Hidden red- reveal clues, viewable with the included Track Tracer, allow kids to follow the the thief and help Freddy and Ellie solve the mystery.
-Ideal for fans of Seek & Find with Freddy and Ellie®.
-Reusable stickers are included that can be used by young readers and mystery solvers to create their own stories with r

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