Sleepy Sheepy By Lucy Ruth Cummins


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Sleepy Sheepy was not sleepy

But it was time for bed

(At least, that's what the clock said.)

But Sleepy Sheepy would not sleepy.

He was wired. And absolutely not tired!

In fact, he was WIDE-AWAKE.

Despite his name, Sleepy Sheepy is NOT sleepy. He'd much rather build with blocks or knit socks than go to sleep. Will Ma and Pa Sheepy ever get their sheepy to go to sleepy?

From acclaimed author Lucy Ruth Cummins and brought to life by #1 New York Times bestselling illustrator Pete Oswald (The Bad SeedThe Good EggThe Smart CookieThe Sour Grape), Sleepy Sheepy is a hilarious bedtime read-aloud that will appeal to little lambs everywhere.

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