The Sparkle Dragons, Book 2: One Horn to Rule Them All by Emma Carlson Berne


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In this second sequined adventure, join the spunky and powerful Sparkle Dragons as they blast their glitter fire and put their brains together to save the queendom from a malicious unicorn. A hilarious, easy-to-read graphic novel.

Help! Sparkle Dragon Alert! Princess Puff wants Robert the Troll’s bustling smoothie shop closed. But why? The three glittery gumshoes equipped with brains, sass, and brawn—Trixie, Glinda, and Rue—are on the case. While investigating Puff, the sparkly trio find an even stranger string of clues that lead to none other than Malum, the mysterious unicorn. Malum is suspiciously inventing a new gadget in his stable and keeping it a big secret…and the Sparkle Dragons are determined to unveil just what he’s hiding. Sparkle, shine, glitter—go!

Goofy humor paired with problem-solving make this malicious unicorn mystery an adventure for fans of Phoebe and her Unicorn and The Bad Guys.

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