Squirrel In The House by Vivian Vande Velde


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Squirrel hates to miss a party—whether or not he’s been invited.

So one cold day he decides to visit Cuddles the dog inside his house. He slides down the special squirrel entrance into a pile of cut-up tree branches (how thoughtful the humans are!), takes some of the food they’ve clearly made for him, and buries it in the pots of dirt they’ve left out. What a warm welcome!

But when Cuddles catches sight of him and mayhem erupts, the smallest of the humans takes the blame for causing trouble. No one but Twitch the squirrel notices when the boy runs out into the snow. . . Or when he trips and hurts his ankle.

Can the dog and squirrel put aside their differences, and figure out how to let the humans know their littlest one needs help? And is there more of that party food to celebrate with after?

With short, funny chapters and lively pen-and-ink illustrations, the Twitch the Squirrel books are perfect to share and read aloud, or for young readers beginning to seek out longer books on their own. Told from the animals’ point of view, they make a great introduction to narrative perspective—and most importantly, they’re always hilarious.

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