Stone House Stories: The Memoir of a Free-Range Kid by Kathy Lawton Purc


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When the date on which you are born is your first big mistake, what’s next?
Kathy rolls off the first wave of the postwar Baby Boom and splashes into the midst of a sister’s birthday. A toddler brother expecting cake gets another irksome sister instead. You can bet the farm there’s trouble a-brewing.

The Fabulous Fifties, for Kathy, are often anything but, as life’s tough lessons grow on trees, sprout in the gardens, and lurk in the corn fields of the Finger Lakes Region of New York State.

Small but mighty, Kathy quarrels with the pope, splits hairs with the Gillette Razor Company, and blasts holes in the atomic wisdom of the U.S. Defense Department.

When death and evil brush up close, Kathy’s instincts kick into high gear. As a family breakup looms, an unexpected hero bounces into action.

Stone House Stories, The Memoir of a Free-Range Kid is the humorous and heartwarming story of a quiet country kid meeting the loud and rambunctious 1950s head-on.

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