Subsect by JF Armstrong


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Mock vampires are overdosing on a mysterious new drug, and Sandy Rivet is the first to accidentally stumble across a pack of these poisoned bloodsuckers. As the body count rises, panic spreads over the Finger Lakes like flesh on bone.

Once again, the Bates County Legislature hires the Jimi Miami Secret Detective Agency to flush out the drug dealers who have polluted the pristine Finger Lakes with killer narcotics, plunging Jimmy Raid, Sandy Rivet and Deepray Johnson down a path overflowing with bad blood, crazed Goths and an underwater mass grave. At the same time, the trio must track down a mansion full of missing furniture and an ex-boyfriend all belonging to one of the richest, craziest women ever to bathe in Seneca Lake.

Careening to the center of the Earth, searching for answers, the private eyes uncover a brutal conspiracy bubbling below the surface, which threatens to taint the entire Finger Lakes Region.

Unraveling this tapestry of pure evil leads the sleuths from a flock of dead vampires, through a blood-drenched dance crawling with spiders and finally into a piece of Paradise inhabited by the vilest of night creatures. Dripping with suspense while simmering with laughter, SUB$ECT paints a grisly portrait and submerges the reader in a mind-twisting mystery.

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