Tangled Justice by JA Goodman


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HOMICIDE DETECTIVES EMMA MASON AND HER PARTNER MITCH DELANEY WORK TO PROTECT THE CITY OF ROCHESTER, NY FROM A PSYCHOPATHIC KILLER. They match wits with a man educated in Criminal Justice who begins his killing spree after the brutal murder of his parents. Learn about the latest techniques and behind the scenes police work involved when solving what looked like the “perfect crime”. Woven into this narrative, is a tale of romance between Emma and a wealthy and mysterious suitor, named Peter. They are two very different people, whose lives collide in dangerous and unexpected ways. Emma struggles emotionally when Peter becomes the prime suspect in multiple international crimes, including the London murder of his partner. The story is rich with investigative science and clips along the streets of Rochester at an invigorating pace, highlighting events that made the city famous. Readers looking for a clever, entertaining mystery, full of unexpected twists and turns, will not be disappointed.

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