The Canandaigua Letters: A Memoir of the Late ’60s by William Winship


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In the early weeks of 1968, North Korean leader Kim Il Sung gazed down across the Chinese mainland and—observing half a million U.S. ground troops mired in Vietnam—decided that the moment had arrived to push the Americans off the Korean peninsula. The Pentagon countered by deploying a handful of infantry battalions from the U.S. Army’s Second Division along an eighteen-mile stretch of the Demilitarized Zone, fronting North Korea’s traditional invasion route. What followed was a war that waxed and waned over the course of three years along the Korean DMZ—and so successfully did the Pentagon suppress all reports of this conflict that the story is still unknown today.

The Canandaigua Letters provides a stunningly vivid account of the final year of this military conflict, documented by an Emmy-nominated director and multi-award-winning writer, who looks back half a century to the moment he flunked out of college as a beleaguered sophomore, was yanked from the sanctuary of a Midwestern liberal arts school, and dr

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