The Children’s Peace Book by Jolene DeLisa


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The Children's Peace Book is Jolene DeLisa's message of hope. She asked children around the world to share what peace means to them in her global travels, on peace marches and in everyday encounters. Their words and drawings have been brought together in this memorable book. As Jolene writes in her introduction: "Put a group of children together and they overcome language and culture and quickly learn how to be friends. We must learn from them."***The "Children's Peace Book" is an exquisite collection of drawings and sayings from young, innocent, and deeply wise children. If we all follow their admonitions for peace and beauty we would stop killing each other. The wisdom of innocence!-Helen Caldicott, M.D., author of "If You Love This Planet"***The light of Jolene DeLisa's life example of action is captured in "The Children's Peace Book." The stunningly beautiful illustrations from children around the world are laced with poignant messages that bring us all the promise that God is not yet dissatisfied with humanity. There is hope in the hearts and minds of children everywhere.-Michael Collopy, author of "Architects of Peace: Visions of Hope in Words and Images" ***This elegant and important book shows that children possess timeless wisdom and the potential to become adults capable of making monumental advances in the struggle for peace. This book is filled with hope and insight, and it is a valuable tool for educators, activists, parents, and all people who care about humanity and our future.-Capt. Paul K. Chappel, US Army, author of "The End of War"***Jolene DeLisa's book, with its beautiful drawings and profound words, is a testament to the desire for peace that lies deep within the hearts of children. We are reminded that if adults will prepare the way for peace, the children will make it happen. They are the hope of the future. -Stephanie Glatt, Director, La Casa de Maria Retreat Center, Santa Barbara, CA.

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