The Envelope, and the Rest of Valentine's Dreams (2021 Revised) by G.N. Price


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She came in during the Laser Spin Dry. She was wearing a long leopard print dress, with wide mascara eyes, and hair that flowed like a burning candle. Her face was like a painting by Renoir with faintly colored lips which I almost fell into when I leaned over my new table to look at them. She was blonde. It’s possible they all are in here. This is about an unlikely event in the life of Valentine Odey, which is pronounced O Day, if you needed to know that, who up until today was a middle manager for Nike. Here he is observing his dreamy transportation into the office and role of Vick Prey, Private Investigator, whose office is on the second floor of a building above a car wash. He goes on with his observation. -I had a nice maple desk once and I wished I had it now, but I had a feeling this was not that first impression you read about and that Ms. Lin already knew a lot about me. We just couldn’t stand there all day. It’s a mystery. The second half of this book is like a push button Plymouth Valiant in which Valentine is out of control.

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