The Envelope, and the Rest of Valentine's Dreams by G.N. Price


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This is a book of entertainment. There’s no moral to it. Possibly not even a point. The first half of the book is about a middle manager who dreams he is a Private Investigator in a small office above a car wash. This dream is called The Envelope, for various reasons, and our Investigator is engaged by a very beautiful girl to find her mother who is lost. She doesn’t tell him that specifically, that that’s what she wants him to do, but he agrees to accompany her because she’s beautiful. Odd things happen. Even poetry, a great cast, and a trip in which there are a number of Cheshire cats. In the end our couple ends up on The Path Of Kings in the Orion Nebula where the bad guy is waiting. The second half of the book is like an old push button car, possibly a Plymouth valiant, in which our middle manager has a new sequin of dreams in which he explores a number of topics. And in his notes about each of them he tries to write well.

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