The Journey Taken Series Volume 2: The Northward Expedition by A.M. Reynwood


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Ilkoris, the Capitol City of Sekon’dome and the core of the anti-Isler offensive, is the last place the company ought to be, and yet here they sit, waiting. Iris has embarked on a venture to see her mother, the queen, and ask her the meaning of all that they’ve heard, but what they learn is something far more sinister than anything they had imagined: There’s an impostor upon the throne of Sekon’dome, and in truth, he may have been the throneholder even before the king’s disappearance sixteen years ago. The implications are staggering, especially for Sergil, and the need to reach Marblheim in the north becomes all the more imperative. However, even with the aid of the Helosite motor vehicle to speed their journey, the company meets several grim and menacing roadblocks that begin to incur unsettling questions. Upon reaching the sanctuary of Marblheim, the City of Knowledge will then reveal a dark secret that will completely blindside Iris: not too long ago her country saw war, and with the way things are going in the Capitol, it looks like they will see it again.

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