They Brought Tarnished Secrets by Sharon SanAngelo


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The bombs of World War II exploded around the family. In time, the war ended, yet their fear remained. They carried hidden emotional scars on their post war journey as an unknown future loomed before them.

A vital question presented itself. Should this family from Croatia leave their country? A forced abandonment of homeland lurked in the shadows.

Readers with an interest in history or who had a family member who fought in World War II will experience aspects of the war not found in the history books.

Legal immigrants persevered with an intense desire to reach America. Their deep need for a home surrounded by tranquility led them with a new emotion. The immigrants wanted to make the United States of America proud of them! Their work, talents and contributions made this happen.

This book is a work of fiction which explodes with the drama of life during and after World War II. The people, their names exist only in the writer's mind. Memories can be elusive yet spark an author's imagination.

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