Thief Mage, Beggar Mage by Cat Hellisen


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Tet is no longer a priest-mage; thrown out from his temple and cursed by his gods to return a stolen relic. With every passing year, the curse works deeper into his flesh, breaking and twisting him until finally, driven by pain, Tet makes a drastic play to escape the gods.

An escape that costs him his soul, and draws his death closer when he is captured by the despotic White Prince. His rescuer is another mage, and in order to retrieve his soul and break the curse, Tet must make a fragile alliance with a man he does not trust. An alliance threaded with lies, one that may take his heart as well as his soul.

Thief Mage, Beggar Mage is a lush reimagining of Andersen’s The Tinderbox, embroidered with dreams, secret identities, stolen magic, giant dogs, prophetic dragons, and the grand games of gods and humans.

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