Twain: a Short Game for One by J Li


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Twain is a one-player emotionally immersive larp about reconnecting and texting with a crucial part of your past that doesn’t text you back. It’s about magic in real life, and the difference between how we related to it long ago and how we relate now as adults.



Long ago, you had a twin, and the two of you used to do magic together. You stopped because life got in the way; your twin did not. The two of you lost touch. Now you have chosen to follow a dream about your youth, coming to a meeting place to find them. Your twin is not here.



Twain is a mythical layer on top of your real life. You play yourself, with a few changes. Answer prompts as if they were true by writing directly on the beautiful game materials. Then, play out a live scene in a personally meaningful outside space to explore your relationship with a fictional twin who grew up to do all the magic that you never got around to. The instructions begin, "Find a pen you love…" The full game takes approximately an hour, sometimes a little longer or shorter.

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