Learning to Read, Level 2: Half and Half: Voyage into Space by Hubert Ben Kemoun


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HALF and HALF books (1/2 Fiction-1/2 Non-Fiction) present a great fiction story, followed by non-fiction content that relates to the story. A perfect bridge for readers to cross from story to facts! STORY: My Birthday on the Moon – Naram is really upset. All year she has been planning a special birthday party with her best friends. Now, she is told that the party is off, and she has to go by herself to spend her birthday on the moon! Her parents think going to the moon will be a wonderful experience, but Naram just wants a fun birthday with her friends. Is there any way this could all work out? FACTS: Living in Outer Space – Living in outer space is very different than living here on Earth. There’s no air to breathe and no gravity to hold you down. Everything you need to survive has to be brought with you! Even simple things, like eating a meal, become a real challenge. Readers will learn how astronauts live for long periods of time in this new and strange environment!

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