What Sounds Do You Love? by Gülşah Yemen


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Sounds are amazing!

They are an important part of how we understand the world around us and crucial for language development. Just think of all the sounds you hear on any given day: the cracking of dry leaves when you walk in the forest, the pitter patter of rain falling, the wind howling, or the kettle boiling. The more you notice them, the more you realise that sounds are everywhere.

This book features beautiful artwork and includes a practical section. Part of a collection of books that urges children to explore their creativity and sharpen their senses. Other books in the series include What Can You do With a Color? And What Can You do With a Line?

Encourages little ones to be creative and sharpens their senses;
Sounds help children understand the world around them;
Beautiful artwork and includes a practical section keeping little ones engaged.

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