You Deserve Good Gelato by Kacie Rose


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In this refreshingly honest take on navigating a new life abroad. Social media star Kacie Rose offers a funny, joyful, and searingly honest account of the highs and lows of living abroad and traveling the world.

Kacie decided to leave her life as a pro dancer in New York City and move to Italy in 2021, covering everything from travel fails and homesickness to the joy of culture shocks. 

In this travel book, you will find:

-Personal essays that tell Kacie’s story that will empower you to challenge yourself

-A candid outlook on life as an expat, discussing important concepts like homesickness, embracing new cultures and cultural stereotypes

-A helpful and funny guide that will encourage you to travel abroad and remind you that you are stronger and more capable than you think. 

Kacie reflects on the pure terror of driving on Italian roads, the trials of speaking a new language, and the genuine beauty of a slower pace of life, all with humor and heart. By sharing her personal stories of life under the Tuscan sun, Kacie explains how travel is a privilege, why cultural differences are the coolest things in the world, and how there's a positive you can take away from literally any situation. Travel meets narrative in this book about Kacie Rose’s experiences living in a new country.

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